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Philip Riddle

Has owned and operated four companies in the international equipment distribution, installation, and service businesses. Two of the companies were founded. Industries served include textiles, PET and HDPE bottle manufacturing, screening and separation of earth materials, waste water treatment/recovery, and solar energy. The business actions involved the worldwide research and evaluation of technologies, along with the establishment of distribution agreements, sales channels, marketing strategy, staffing, and operations. One merger, one acquisition, and two divestitures were executed. Agreements were negotiated for two distribution relationships to be transformed into USA based subsidiaries. Alliances were established in the various industries to multiply and leverage resources. Additionally, an in house marketing and advertising agency was operated for a diverse range of businesses. The business activities occurred with companies located in eleven European countries, Canada, Mexico, and South Korea serving the North American market

Concentrations: entrepreneurial marketing, sales, product introduction, international business, strategic alliances.

Steve Zepf

Certified Public Accountant (not active) has worked in auditing and accounting across a broad spectrum of industries, as a member of Big Eight accounting firm. Assignments included researching and solving complex accounting and auditing issues for clients. Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer of national industrial supply company listed on NYSE. Oversaw growth from $237MM sales with 36 branches to $4B sales with 400+ branches. Responsible for 200+ associates in areas of accounting, internal audit, financial reporting, P & L, risk management, strategic planning, cash management and financing. Lead efforts to gain NYSE listing, 80+ acquisitions, and divestiture of non-core business units. Part of evaluation and negotiation team which lead to buyout of NYSE company by another NYSE company.

Concentrations: financials, mergers, acquisitions, strategic planning, cash management, debt and equity financing.

Mark Will

Has executive management experience in the textiles and financial services sector focused on providing leadership in the assessment and improvement of the profitability of various products, services, assets, operating divisions and overall corporate entities. Served in executive roles at a recognized global quality leader, manufacturing textiles and chemicals. Executed and managed international acquisitions in Europe and South America which doubled the company's automotive footprint. In various marketing roles, new business opportunities were identified which created substantial growth. Participated in operations training and has extensive experience at the plant manager level with world class production and supply chain systems. Has assisted client companies with project savings and complete traceability to profits. Headed many corporate finance initiatives which resulted in significant improvements in profitability and working capital requirements

Concentrations: cost reduction management, international operations, marketing and sales, supply chain management, management development.

Ollie Frazier

Managed various business units for Investor Owned Utility in the areas of industrial demand side management, energy load research, information architecture, regulatory and policy issues, business unit strategic planning. Managed a matrix organization in the development and implementation of strategic renewable programs that met regulatory rules and federal / state laws. Assisted customers, developers, and suppliers with political and regulatory issues that enabled navigation through their complex processes. Managed strategic goals development while minimizing financial impact on customers / shareholders. Interfaced with Public Service Commissions on rate plans and public issues. Advised developers on strategic business models and financing through grant applications. Consult with clients on carbon and renewable energy business model strategies and assist with regulatory issues, utilities procedures, energy credits, etc.

Concentrations: utility operations, regulations, and PSC interface, analytical model building, strategic planning, engineered solutions.

William Griffith

Has been a lead researcher and applied product engineer in national labs and industry. In these capacities lead breakthroughs in stress analysis and development of an apparatus and test procedure to verify analytical studies of the buckling of submerged pipe lines. Determination of the displacement pattern around interference fit fasteners was developed. Accelerated characterization of graphite epoxy panels to predict delayed failures for time and temperature related properties. Developed a hydraulic actuated testing apparatus for the determination of the temperature dependent properties of elastomers. In the tire industry, created and lead a group to develop and refine, "bullet proof" military tire and 'runflat' tires, improved modeling techniques incorporating finite element analysis to accurately predict important tire characteristics, integrated a team concept utilizing designers working in tandem with analyst so that more advanced methods of analysis could be brought to bear in the design process, integrated a merger of development teams which were utilizing different materials, fabrication equipment, design methods, and testing procedures.

Concentrations: science in development, incorporating analytical methods, intellectual property, product refinement for customer satisfaction and market growth, international context of products

Cristina Fumagalli

Accounting and administrative management experience gained at a variety of business entities engaged in industrial activities and investments. Trained in Six Sigma and certified at the green belt level. Managed financial accounts and administration for business entities of different scale, from international machinery companies, Fortune 50 industrial conglomerate, real estate, to entrepreneurial operations. Actively participated in the start-up phase of several new businesses in the service and distribution sectors, as well as business acquisitions, and dissolution. Experience includes setting up accounting systems, inventory control and analysis, foreign currency transactions, evaluation and formulation of tax strategies, government incentives, grants, and rebate programs. As a native of Italy, provides assistance with Italian language and cultural bridging, along with insight into other European business cultures.

Concentrations: accounting, inventory control, tax strategies, government grants, European business cultures.

Dave Click

Served as the engineering team manager for an award-winning solar house. Has professional experience in solar energy systems, including experience in site surveying, equipment specifications, power system design, construction management, system commissioning (including the rooftop solar power system on the Department of Energy's main office building in Washington, DC), and performance verification. Developed materials, presentations, and demonstrations for training seminars and has led training for solar technicians and building code officials in several areas across the country. Is a licensed solar contractor in the state of Florida, and is certified by the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners as a qualified solar power system installer.

Concentrations: electrical engineering, solar energy system design, development and execution of training programs.